Basingstoke & Deane Makerspace

We are a group of people living in Basingstoke or the surrounding area who want to set up a new Makerspace

A progress update and a request for early members


Earlier in the year we sent round a survey of interest in establishing a Basingstoke Makerspace. We had a very positive response, so over the past couple of months, we have formed a company and applied for a bank account, acquired some tools and looked at a number of potential buildings. We have also been investigating grants although these can mostly only be used for projects and kitting out a space but not for the building itself.

Lulzbot donated a 3D printer to us, and we have also been given a vinyl cutter from rLab, which among other things can be used for screen printing. A couple of things that people mentioned they were interested in, also we have promises of various other tools and donations already.


We also expect to get equipment such as a laser cutter, lathe, router/cnc machine, heavy duty sewing machine and dressmaking or cosplay tools, soldering stations and electronics equipment, general woodworking and metalworking tools. This is all open to input from the members.


We are looking at buildings of around 1000sqft, and have been talking to the Council and others about suitable venues. There is more information about that on the google group or don't hesitate to ask us at our regular Tuesday meetup. We hope to pin one down soon.



So now we need to start building up a deposit to get over that first hurdle. You can help us by signing up as a member for £25 per month.




We expect membership to give 24/7 access to the space and all tools (some tools may require basic training)


The company is formed as a non-profit company with all members having equal voting rights, with the obligation of guaranteeing company debts, limited to the maximum sum of £1.


Your payment is protected by the direct debit guarantee and may be cancelled at any time



We would also be grateful for any donations to help us starting out...


Also be sure to sign up to our google group for our latest news and info on upcoming events and meetups.




Ben, Nigel, Eric, Paul, Kevin

The Founding Directors of Basingstoke Makerspace

We are a not-for-profit community in Basingstoke who enjoy learning, making and collaborating together to build and create things in a friendly environment - whether that is a prototype of a product you'd like to design, a game or website design, or practising your artistic or crafting techniques.


We currently meet every two weeks on a Tuesday night (6:30-8:45 pm) at the Four Lanes Community Centre off Hanmore Road, in Chineham, Basingstoke RG24 8PQ, inside the Four Lanes Junior School.



Click here to find

Four Lanes Community Centre

on google maps



To join our on-line community - Join our Basingstoke Makerspace Google group

To become a full paying member - GoCardless Payment


We would like to set up meetings and interest groups in many different activities, and once we have found a place where we can leave and share our tools together, we hope to build a workshop containing many tools, much as our friends in SoMakeIt! (in Southampton), NaDhack: (in Newbury) and R-Lab (in Reading) have already done.


So please join our googlegroups forum, and come to our meetings, so that together we can take this forward and build a community and a workshop that we can enjoy and be proud of.


Makerspaces and Hackspaces form an extensive network of communities all over Britain, Europe, and the World.

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