Basingstoke & Deane Makerspace Meetings


Our Summer and Autumn 2017 Programme of meetings:


Next Meeting - September 19th - Making in Basingstoke


We will try to find authoritative speakers on interesting topics, and if and when we find them we will slot them into the programme, with extra publicity for their presentation. However, our main topics of discussion concern preparations for the "Let's Get Making!" evening in October, for which we need both ideas and demos, and also to sort out the logistics of the event.


Our summer meetings will focus on what we can do together and as individuals to demonstrate our capabilities and interests - as well as providing an opportunity to learn off each other. If we can set ourselves design challenges to work on as a group or individually, then the following meetings over summer can provide opportunities to use the meetings as a workshop, to show progress, and exchange ideas, etc.


Projects so far include:


- A Demo of minecraft

- Twitter Racing

- Crafty Robot Racing

- Arduino Home Automation applications

- Producing a LoRaWAN basestation to be deployed in Basingstoke

- Producing some cool LoRa based ideas to run on said basestation - e.g. tracking the location of your chocolate bust of your grandma, or bus location reporting to an app, or child location system

- Computer Vision Projects

- Making a Pi Robot - from a Kit or from scratch

- Some sound demos

- A demo of Fusion 360 3D design tools

- A demonstration of Electronics Design tools and soldering


Up to you - whatever floats your boat, and whatever you might like to either share with us, or work with others to produce. If it is something that stretches you, and that you might need help with, then so much the better.


If anyone has something that they wouldn't mind showing us - like Steve did with his 3D scanning / carving project, then bring it in to any of our meetings and showcase it. If you have a slideshow, then let us know, and we can make sure that the necessary screen and projector is there - and advertise the talk, if that is what you want. Or it can be done less formally.


Hopefully we can also bring in different tools occasionally, like the 3D Printer, when there is something to show - and designing interesting/useful stuff to run on it would also be a great thing to Demo at the TECH evening in the Library, of course.


So our programme currently looks like this:


June 27th - Design & Make Challenge - choosing a challenge, forming a team, or getting involved with each others' projects


July 11th - Challenge progress updates


July 25th - Time to be showing some progress on our plans


August 8th and 22nd - Updates, and making/planning some displays/demos for the Discovery Centre evening


September 5th - TIme to get planning demos and talks, and organising publicity in earnest for the Discovery Center evening


September 19th - Planning the details of the evening event, and showing and sharing progress with our projects


October 3rd - Either an external speaker, or dress rehearsal - TBD closer to the date


October 17th - Final touches, planning the Discovery Centre evening in detail, "Dress Rehearsal"?


"Let's Get Making!" evening 18th October at 7-8:30pm in the Discovery Centre in Basingstoke

- Sponsored by New Voice Media


October 31st - Maybe we should have a Halloween Theme!?


November 14th - "Dress Rehearsal" for the Sci-Fi Evening?


SCI-FI/Fantasy Evening 15th November


Please note that we intend to be as inclusive as possible, but anyone under 18 attending will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times (proof of age may be requested if you have particularly youthful looks!). Entry is nominally free, but we would appreciate a donation of for example £1 on the door towards our costs, as we are a member-run, not-for-profit community group, and we currently have no external funding other than our own members' pockets.


We are a not-for-profit group, so in the circumstance that we collect any money above and beyond our fixed costs, then we will plough that back into the group by either increasing number of meetings, or to purchase tools and equipment that we can all use and share. At the moment we don't have a membership fee, or a formal structure, but that is about to change, and no doubt very soon we will develop the group by finding a space to call our own, just as all other successful Makerspaces and Hackspaces do.


Come and join us and help us build a new and well-equipped Makerspace in Basingstoke!


Presentations from previous Meetings for download:















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