New Members Page

Thank you for joining our community as a new member.


We will develop this page to explain the rights and obligations of all members, as by paying membership fees you are entitled to join us as a member of the company, which gives you full voting rights in the running of the company, as well as the obligation of guaranteeing the debts of the company - limited to the maximum sum of £1.


We of course reserve the right to refuse your membership or cancel it if it is considered that your behaviour is dangerous or abusive - or of course if you commit any criminal acts against the community or its members or property.


We will review all new membership applications, which must involve filling in a form with certain information about you, before admitting members to the company. We need certain details such as your name and contact details in order to comply with Company Law, to enter you on the register of members, and to notify you of AGMs, and similar procedural issues.


Welcome Aboard!!!


And thank you for joining us in the effort to set up a new Makerspace in Basingstoke

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Please respect copyright - all rights reserved unless explicitly granted.

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